Contest: Penetrate Them All   

CONTEST: "Penetrate Them All"

From: May 01, 2016
To: May 22, 2016
GOAL: Score the Highest Average Of piercing shots per battle for 100+ games.
Participating Vehicles: 1-3 Tier 5 Medium Tanks (except premium Vehicles)
contest rewards

Registration Starts Soon.

How to participate:
  • Login to using WG Login
  • Go to contest page: Here
  • Select tank from the list and press Start button next to it.
  • Once start button clicked it will change to track progress button, and it will show you starting values (# of games and number of piercing shots up to date) and # of games and penetrating shots on this tanks during the contest.
  • There will be refresh Standings button that will allow you to get latest games results.
  • You will be able to click "DONE" button once you reached 100 games, If you still want to improve, you can keep playing and average will be calculated for more then 100 games.
  • System will automatically retrieve your stats as of May 23, 2016. If you have over 100 games you will get a chance to win.
  • You can select up to 3 different tanks (form the allowed list) tanks to participate in the contest. Results on the best tank will be included into the contest.
  • Standings will be available. (this might not be up to date, it will display only participants that logged in and tracked their progress)
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Tanks Available

Check your progress
Tier Nation Tank Type
5 ussr T-34 mediumTank START
5 usa M4A1 mediumTank START
5 czech Škoda T 24 mediumTank START
5 japan Chi-Nu mediumTank START
5 france G1 R mediumTank START
5 china Type T-34 mediumTank START
5 usa M7 lightTank START
5 germany Pz. III/IV mediumTank START
5 uk Sherman III mediumTank START
5 germany Pz. IV H mediumTank START
Contest Standings

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