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Monday January 25, 2016 A player now has two ways to register!
A player now has two ways to register! Read More »
Wednesday January 20, 2016 Gosu Maps 1.2: Added new features to the map.
Now we display list of players in a room and dynamically update number of views, so you can see how many times room was loaded without refreshing the page. And now we display different colors for each user. Read More »
Tuesday January 19, 2016 Link to the alley of fame
One useful link at this moment (Link to The Lion's Mane: Alley of Fame). If you dont have it in your favorites, here it is: Read More »
Monday January 18, 2016 How to play on Murovanka
How to play on Murovanka Read More »
Wednesday January 13, 2016 Website will keep you logged in.
Once you login we will save that in cookies and will not ask oyu to login again untill you logout. Read More »
Wednesday January 06, 2016 Improved Update Scripts
We are pleased to announce that we just updated our Update Scripts! Read More »
Friday January 01, 2016 stats as of Jan 1st 2016 stats as of Jan 1st 2016 Read More »
Sunday December 27, 2015 Added global tournament stats in players profile
Added following stats: Number of Tournaments played, Number of Games Played, and Tournaments Win Rate Read More »
Tuesday December 22, 2015 Added tanks database with stats.
Added database of all tanks with global stats: Frags, Damage, and Win Rate. This info can be found here. Read More »
Monday December 21, 2015 Your team are highlighted all the time.
Once you login, your team will be highlighted automatically, just like followed team. Read More »
Latest Posts: 78

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