Contest: Cap n Reset Part 2 - Reset   

CONTEST: "Cap n Reset Part 2 - Reset"

From: July 01, 2017
To: July 21, 2017
Cap and Reset - Reset . Average Reset points per 50 games or more

All you need to do is register for it, and we will track your progress automatically

First place: 1,500 Gold
Second place 1,000 Gold
Third place 500 Gold

Part 2- Reset points with same prize pool, and tanker to get first place in 2 stages receives 2,000 gold!


Q: Will the Cap and Reset contest tournament have a 50 game minimum for both the cap portion and the reset portion for a total of 100 games minimum needed? Or will it be 25 cap and 25 reset for a total of 50 minimum games needed?
A: 50 games each part.

Q: I participate in cap and reset contest and did not received any update about result from you?
A: Please login and proceed to Personal progress or standing screen, and you will be able to fetch recent games and see your progress, if you play 50 games or more you can lock your results to stop tracking. If you don’t do that we will keep tracking your progress on selected tank by the end of the contest.

Tanks Available

Check your progress
Tier Nation Tank Type
8 sweden Emil I heavyTank START
8 china 110 heavyTank START
8 france AMX 50 100 heavyTank START
8 uk Caernarvon heavyTank START
8 usa T32 heavyTank START
8 japan O-Ho heavyTank START
8 germany Tiger II heavyTank START
8 ussr IS-3 heavyTank START
8 germany VK 45.02 A heavyTank START
8 ussr KV-4 heavyTank START
8 germany VK 100.01 P heavyTank START
8 germany VK 100.01 B heavyTank START
Contest Standings

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