Contest: Cap n Reset Part 1 - CAP   

CONTEST: "Cap n Reset Part 1 - CAP"

From: March 24, 2017
To: April 17, 2017
Cap and Reset - CAP. Average capture point per 50 games or more

First place: 1,500 Gold
Second place 1,000 Gold
Third place 500 Gold

Part 2- Reset points with same prize pool, and tanker to get first place in 2 stages receives 2,000 gold!

Tanks Available

Check your progress
Tier Nation Tank Type
8 sweden Emil I heavyTank START
8 china 110 heavyTank START
8 france AMX 50 100 heavyTank START
8 usa T32 heavyTank START
8 japan O-Ho heavyTank START
8 germany Tiger II heavyTank START
8 ussr IS-3 heavyTank START
8 germany VK 45.02 A heavyTank START
8 ussr KV-4 heavyTank START
8 germany VK 100.01 B heavyTank START
Contest Standings

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