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Tuesday March 21, 2023 Added option to compare players tanks stats with another players tank stats
Added option to compare players tank stats with another player's tank stats. Find a player -> Select a full stats of tank to compare -> Enter other players name! Read more for step by step instructions. Read More »
Friday March 20, 2020 WoT COVID-19: Get 14 days premium account. code: BESAFE2020
WG is giving out 2 weeks of premium account. Follow the link to official WG website to claim it! Code to use: BESAFE2020 Link is in the description Read More »
Thursday June 13, 2019 Update 1.5.1 Review
Update 1.5.1 Review Read More »
Monday June 10, 2019 GosuTactics is back!
Looks we've sorted out all the issues and all future tournaments will be featured on GosuTactics again! Read More »
Thursday August 23, 2018 Coming Soon: Wheeled vehicles, New Maps and Caernarvon Action X
Coming Soon: Wheeled vehicles, New Maps and Caernarvon Action X Read More »
Monday June 11, 2018 No way, it's back on NA!
Our opener will take place next Friday, June 15th. A detailed post covering rules, prizing, and registration will made next Monday, June 11th, and you can expect registration to take place from Tuesday-Thursday of next week. Read More »
Tuesday October 24, 2017 World of Tanks 9.20.1: Known Issues
After days of complaining, players finally get an update from Wargaming about known issues on Update 9.20.1. There is still no update on a known issue with the Friends List and Chats. Read More »
Monday October 23, 2017 New Halloween Mode (2017)
New Halloween Mode (2017) Read More »
Tuesday October 17, 2017 World of Tanks - Update Review 9.20.1
World of Tanks - Update Review 9.20.1 Read More »
Friday October 13, 2017 October Community Contributor Visit Q&A
Recently a group of Community Contributors met up in Minsk with our Dev team to experience the new HD maps. Many of them have already posted content covering it, he's a transcript of their Q&A with the Devs for your perusal: Read More »
Latest Posts: 82

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