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Start: August 18, 2017; Accepted Teams: 0 (Total: 0)
Map: Mittengard
Battle Mode: Standard
Start: August 18, 2017
Average WN8: 0

Introducing Fight Night Fridays!

    Fight Night Fridays are a new series of 1 v 1 tournaments hosted by me, AnonymousHippopotamus.  These tournaments will be a 1 v 1, single elimination bracket style tournament held every Friday night starting at 8:30 PM ET.  This tournament series will begin this Friday, August 18th at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT (Preseason Week 1).  Players will be randomly matched up in a bracket at the start of the tournament each week and will face off in 1 v 1 matches on the map Mittengard.  If you lose a match you are eliminated from the tournament for the week, if you win you advanced to the next round until there are only 2 players left that will battle for 1st place.

    Sign-ups for the tournaments will begin 1 hour before the start of the tournament (7:30 PM ET/4:30 PM PT) on my Twitch stream at .  You will need to be in the Twitch chat for the stream to sign up for the tournament.  Sign ups will end at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PT and the bracket will be generated for the tournament.  Each battle will be played in training rooms so players must have knowledge of how to create and join training rooms in the game client.  After the battles are completed players will report the outcome to a tournament official.  At least 1 battle from each tournament round will be broadcast on the stream for the viewing audience.

    This tournament series is brand new and will be going through "beta testing" during the first two weeks so that we can work out any kinks and figure out the best system to make the games competitive and fun.  The plan is for the tournament series to be held in 3 week seasons with playoffs to determine the season winners on the 4th week.  Season scoring has yet to be determined.  Each tournament win will be worth a certain amount of points towards a players season total.  Season standings will be updated and posted each week.  The top 8 players in the season standings will compete in the season playoffs.  Changes may be made to the rules as the series goes on.  Your feedback will be very much appreciated.

If you are interested in participating in this tournament series please read the information below and reply to this forum post so that we can gauge interest in the tournament and get an idea of how many people we should expect (You will still need to sign up on the day of the tournament).  Also, spread the word to your friend's and clan members so that we can get a good number of people to compete.  The tournament may need to be capped at a certain number of people so signups will be on a first come first serve basis.  

Current Fight Night Friday Rules (subject to change):

  • Players must register for the tournament during the designated sign up time (7:30 PM ET/4:30 PT) at
  • Brackets will be randomly generated by a bracket generator website at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT.  
  • Tournaments are single elimination.  If a player loses any battle they are eliminated from the tournament for the week.
  • Battles will be 1 vs 1, 6 minute standard battles on Mittengard.  (Vehicle tiers and types may change week to week)
  • Battle will be played in training rooms.  Training rooms must be set to invite only.  Only the 2 players that are competing and tournament officials are allowed to be in the match.  If a tournament official is in the match they will be set to spectator only.
  • Players must enable replay recording for every tournament battle.  If there is a dispute and a player can not produce a replay file from the match, the match may be forfeited.
  • A draw will result in a loss for each player.  Both players will be eliminated from the tournament.
  • If a player disconnects from a battle, the battle will be forfeited by that player.
  • No mods that are prohibited by the World of Tanks EULA will be allowed.  Players are welcome to use all legal mods.
  • Players must only use vehicle types and tiers that are specified for use in the tournament.
  • After a match is completed players must accurately report the outcome to a tournament official.  If players attempt to report inaccurate outcomes of tournament matches they will be banned from future tournaments.
  • If a player fails to show up for their battle and they are not reachable via in game chat or through the Twitch stream the match will be forfeited by the player.  Repeat offenders may be disqualified from future tournaments.

Current Fight Night Friday Schedule (subject to change)

Friday, August 18 - Preseason Week 1, Signups at 7:30 PM ET/4:30 PM PT, Tournament starts at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT

Friday, August 25 - Preseason Week 2, Signups at 7:30 PM ET/4:30 PM PT, Tournament starts at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT

Friday, September 1 - Season 1 Week 1, Signups at 7:30 PM ET/4:30 PM PT, Tournament starts at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT

Friday, September 8 - Season 1 Week 2, Signups at 7:30 PM ET/4:30 PM PT, Tournament starts at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT

Friday, September 15 - Season 1 Week 3, Signups at 7:30 PM ET/4:30 PM PT, Tournament starts at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT

Friday, September 22 - Season 1 Playoffs - Tournament starts at 8:30 PM ET - Only the top 8 players that have qualified from Season 1 Weeks 1 - 3 will compete.  (All playoff games will be broadcast on Twitch, Playoff format TBD)

Current Fight Night Friday Prizes (subject to change)

1st Place each week will receive 500 Gold

2nd Place each week will receive 1 Day Premium Time

1st Place in Season 1 Playoffs will receive 3,000 Gold

2nd Place in Season 1 Playoffs will receive 1,000 Gold


No purchase necessary.  This tournament series is not affiliated with Twitch or World of Tanks in any way.  AnonymousHippopotamus is not responsible for any technical malfunctions of the World of Tanks game, internet connection issues or any other problems that may arise.  AnonymousHippopotamus reserves the right to disqualify a player from the tournament series for any reason. AnonymousHippopotamus reserves the right to not award a prize for any reason.  AnonymousHippopotamus reserves the right to cancel the tournament at any time.  All rules are subject to change at any time without notice.  All prizes will be paid out after the tournament or the next business day.  Not responsible for any incorrect information provided by prize winners.

Any questions may be asked in replies to this thread, private messaged to me on the forums, or emailed to me at [email protected]


Announcement 8/15/17:  The vehicle tier for all of Season 1 including the 2 preseason weeks will be Tier VI.  Only Tier VI vehicles will be allowed in the tournaments for Season 1.  All vehicle types are allowed.  Also, as previously stated the map for the tournaments will be Mittengard for every battle.

Announcement 8/16/17:  The maximum amount of players for the tournament as of now will be set to 32.  Registration will be on a first come first serve basis.  This number may be increase or decreased after the preseason weeks

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