Blog Coming Soon: Wheeled vehicles, New Maps and Caernarvon Action X

A lot of stuff arrives in World of Tanks soon. The Polish tank branch with vehicles from the 7TP to the theoretical developments by the Polish engineers. The new Personal Missions campaign—the Second Front. Two new maps—Minsk and Studzianki, and one familiar but significantly changed map—Pilsen. You've already read about these things so in this video you’ll be able to see which new maps will appear in World of Tanks and how to get the Premium Caernarvon Action X heavy tank for free. But most importantly, you'll see the wheeled vehicles in action for the first time.

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1v1: Weekday Scuffle
Map: Mines
Battle Mode: Encounter battle
Start: September 16, 2019
Avrg WN8: 1,402

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