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Recently we've a done few updates, and some of them are visible right away, like search in the top navigation. Others, like URL changes, are not, but all of them bring benefits to you. Here is the detailed report:

  • Blog and Contact Us links are moved under About Us. I guess not too many people are interested to see those links all the time. This frees up some space for new features

  • Players search right in the top navigation, which will stay on every page

  • Quick links on homepage. We like our awesome banner, but we think that this space can be better used to allow our visitors to navigate more quickly.

  • Player page URL change. This is not only visual, but for some users a functional change. Before, our URL contained a player's ID, so you always had to search for the player's nickname to get to his page. Now you can simply copy paste or type a nickname in the address bar and get to the players page. The new URL is: where XXXX can be replaced with any players nick.

  • Visual effect for tournament thumbnail. Yes, this will not be a huge functional improvement, but why not enjoy a new look as well :)

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World of Tanks Community League Spring 2018 Season
Map: Himmelsdorf
Battle Mode: Attack / Defense
Start: February 26, 2018
Avrg WN8: 2,054

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